Geotubes to protect Grand Isle Louisiana
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Video: Sand Filled Geotextile Tubes To Protect Grand Isle Louisiana

Geotubes to protect Grand Isle Louisiana In this video, a US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) project to protect Grand Isle Louisiana from the erosional effects of a large storm surge is described. 5.7 miles of sand filled geotextile tubes or geotubes 30-ft in diameter are used to form the core of a dune along with a geotextile erosion apron held in place by anchor tubes. The design is aimed to prevent devastating erosion in the event that a large storm surge overtops the protective dunes. The sand is screened on site and mixed with water to form a slurry that is pumped into the tube. Once the tubes are in place, additional sand will be placed over the top and the dune revegetated. If the topping sand is eroded away, the Corps hopes the fix will be easier to perform with the tubes. Click through for the video.


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Landslides in China – Sichuan and Guangxi

In Sichuan Province, China, they were still in the recovery process from the devastating 2008 earthquake when a series of landslides, rockfall, mudslides and flooding has hit the region. Dave’s Landslide Blog has excellent coverage as usual on the slide pictured here, which blocked a major road, hindering rescue efforts. (Photo Xinhua/Jiang Hongjing)

A remarkable video of the aftermath of a bridge destroyed by one of these rockfall / landslide events is shown below. The destruction is pretty profound. (Via

Also on Dave’s blog, a landslide in Guangxi caused a train to derail, killing 4 people and injuring 50. My heart truly goes out to the people of those portions of China, particularly in Sichuan as they have been through so much.


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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Kentucky Geological Survey Utilized Dataforensics’ PLog Enterprise for their Publicly Searchable Geotechnical Database

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Norcross, Georgia, July 28, 2009 – In a joint project between the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS), PLog Enterprise was chosen as a key software component in developing a web-based, searchable database of geotechnical investigation data. [Editor] Click through for the rest of the press release. [/Editor]


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ASTM Updates July 2009

American Society of Testing Materials Logo - ASTMRevised, new, and reapproved ASTM standards for the month of July. This month was a busy one for the various comittees with 108 standards  related to concrete, geotechnical lab testing, asphalt, lab testing and other standards updated. Read on for the list.


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Indefinite “Temporary” Nuclear Waste Storage and the Need for Nuclear Power

image Since the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository has gotten the axe from President Obama, nuclear power plants around the country are faced with the prospect of virtually indefinite "temporary" storage of their nuclear waste in the form of spent fuel rods. The US Department of Energy has a legal obligation to find a permanent disposal facility for the spent fuel, and the agreements currently in place presumed that Yucca Mountain would be accepting nuclear waste by 2025 which clearly won’t happen. (Photo of dry cask temporary storage method for spent nuclear fuel from Connecticut Yankee). More after the break. […]

ASTM standards referenced in the 2009 International Building Code (IBC)
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New ASTM-Code Council Book References Standards in 2009 IBC

ASTM standards referenced in the 2009 International Building Code (IBC)

July 23, 2009 – Engineers, architects, contractors, code officials and others in the construction industry need access to ASTM standards referenced in the 2009 International Building Code (IBC) to design, construct and regulate safe and reliable buildings. The ASTM Standards: As Referenced in the 2009 International Building Code fulfills this need in one book.

This comprehensive book contains 280 ASTM referenced standards in Chapter 35 of the IBC, including critical topics such as structural steel, concrete, masonry, wood, soil, gypsum, insulation, fire protection, fire prevention, window fall prevention devices, and other important areas that contribute to safe and quality construction. [Editor] Click through for the rest of the press release [/Editor] […]

Nachterstedt Landslide in Eastern Germany

Nachterstedt Landslide in Eastern Germany, Three People Believed Missing

Nachterstedt Landslide in Eastern GermanyA massive landslide in the little town of Nachterstedt in Eastern Germany early on Saturday morning local time caused two houses to vanish into a nearby lake. Three people are believed to have been in the buildings at the time of the slide. Rescue efforts are still on going and had to be halted during the night but were resumed the next morning. Helicopters with infrared cameras and dogs were used to find the missing people, but with no success so far. Approximately 60 residents of nearby buildings had to be evacuated and put up in emergency shelters. (Photo by Spiegel Online) [Editor] More after the break. [/Editor]