Welcome new Sponsors: Nicholson Construction and Dataforensics!

Nicholson Construction Logo

I am very grateful for the support of two new sponsors this year, Nicholson Construction and Dataforensics. Please let them know you appreciate their financial support of GeoPrac!

Nicholson Construction Logo Nicholson Construction is a specialty geotechnical contractor headquartered out of Cuddy Pennsylvania. They have expertise in many different techniques, including micropiles, augercast piles, soil-nailing, ground anchors, jet grouting, compaction grouting and stone columns among many others. Find more info about the on Our Sponsors page or at the Nicholson Construction website.


Dataforensics Dataforensics is a software company specializing in geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management. Their products include PLog, the most popular field borehole logging system on the market, PLog Enterprise – the only GIS based geotechnical data management system, PDensity and PConcrete for field and office data management of construction QA/QC, PWell for groundwater monitoring data management, and a cone penetration testing software package called RAPID CPT. Read more about Dataforensics on the Our Sponsors page or at the Dataforensics website.