GeoPrac Site Problems – Working on It

[Update 11/16/09 12:52] I fixed the sponsor banner issue, but I’m still looking into what’s causing the IE 7 error. Despite my fondness for Firefox, I realize a large percentage of users still have IE 7 and this is a serious issue. The site appears to be working fine in Firefox and IE 8. But like I said, I’ll keep working on it. [/Update]

I just noticed some sponsor banner are not displaying properly on the site. I’m looking into it as quickly as I can. These issues may or may not be related to some Internet Explorer 7 issues where IE gives the following error when trying to display the site: "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet Site. .. Operation aborted." It’s some kind of JavaScript issue, but I rely on third party software and plugins so heavily on this site, it might take me a bit to track down the poblem.

In typical Microsoft fashion, their solution is to upgrade to IE 8. But I still get some warning messages there myself. I usually use Firefox, but even with that I’m still getting the issues with the banners.

Your patience is appreciated in the meantime as I try to get it sorted out. If you have any observations with regards to your particular browser configuration, let me know (leave a comment).