Paper on Foundations for the Impressive kcICON Bridge

kdICON bridge, center pylon

kdICON bridge, center pylon Robert Thompson at Dan Brown and Associates posted a paper he and Dan wrote on the kcICON bridge. From the DBA website:

I have added the paper that we wrote and Dan presented at the Deep Foundations Institute 34th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations that was held in Kansas City, MO late last month.  The paper highlights how the design-build process was successful in the design and construction of the large diameter drilled shafts supporting the bridge.  We discuss the installation methods used, the load test program, and how we evaluated the durability of the shale rock sockets under drilling fluid.

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  1. Hey, Randy! Thanks for the post!

    I want to make sure we also credit our other co-author, Paul Axtell, one of our other partners. He was equally involved as I in the project and the paper.

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