Dam Safety News for June – 44 Most Hazardous Coal Ash Dams

TVA Coal Ash Dam Failure

TVA Coal Ash Dam Failure The Association of State Dam Safety Officials publishes a great collection of news links every month. In this batch, there are a number of articles related to the TVA coal ash dam failure, including links to a recently released EPA list of the 44 coal ash dams rated with a high hazard. Initially, the EPA was not releasing the locations at the request of the USACE because of fears that the dams may become a terrorism target. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Other interesting news items from the ASDSO included a dam failure in Brazil that killed 7 people, a leaking dam in Kentucky, the possibility of rebuilding Teton Dam in Idaho (site of a famous dam failure), seepage at Howard Hanson Dam in Washington State.