Nicholson and Menard Announce Ground Improvement Partnership

PITTSBURGH, PA – December 8, 2010 – Nicholson Construction Company and Menard are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership. Under the partnership, Menard will perform the group’s ground improvement work in the United States, including controlled modulus columns™, vibro stone columns, vibro-compaction, vibro concrete columns, dynamic compaction™, rapid impact compaction, Menard vacuum™ consolidation, and wick drains. Nicholson will continue to perform its comprehensive techniques for deep foundations, earth retention and ground treatment. The two sister companies are headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and have already worked together on several significant projects.

According to Nicholson President Andrew Walker, “This agreement will allow Nicholson to focus on what we know best; piling, retaining walls and grouting. Menard will concentrate on ground improvement. The two of us together have now established a very strong team in the geotechnical construction industry. Our operations and engineering teams will share information and provide the best, most cost-effective solutions to our client’s problems”.

“The partnership is a great opportunity for Nicholson to offer Menard ground improvement services to its customers,” adds Seth Pearlman, President of Menard. “The relationship expands our national reach to Nicholson’s regional offices, provides Nicholson with a highly-specialized ground improvement partner, and most important, delivers innovative ground improvement solutions to a wider customer base.”

Nicholson and Menard are both members of the Soletanche Freyssinet Group, a world leader in specialized civil engineering and construction. The North American companies that make up Soletanche Freyssinet include Nicholson, Menard, Agra Foundations, Geopac, Reinforced Earth and Freyssinet.

About Nicholson Construction Company:

Nicholson is a versatile geotechnical contractor specializing in deep foundations, earth retention, ground treatment, and ground improvement. As the North American subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy, one of the world’s leading geotechnical contractors, we are part of a global network of geotechnical resources and expertise. We work in a wide range of industries and environments, from power plants and dams, to bridges and skyscrapers. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Nicholson has offices around the country to address each region’s unique geotechnical construction needs.

About Menard:

Menard is a design-build specialty geotechnical contractor offering expertise and economical solutions for ground improvement that can be attractive alternatives to traditional deep (pile) foundations. As members of the Soletanche-Freyssinet Group, and with five offices in the US and Canada, we are part of a global network of geotechnical resources and expertise. Our innovative techniques and design-build experience have been successfully used worldwide in the construction of oil and bulk storage tanks, commercial buildings and office parks, warehouses and industrial buildings, multi-family residences, federal buildings, roads and railways.