Vibro Piersâ„¢ From Hayward Baker: A More Cost-Effective Shallow Foundation System

Odenton, MD (Vocus/PRWEB ) May 16, 2007 — Hayward Baker, Inc., North America’s leading geotechnical contractor, is providing a more cost-effective foundation system in the form of Vibro Piersâ„¢. Well-suited for light-to-heavy loads on large or small projects, Hayward Baker’s Vibro Piers are quick to install and highly effective at reinforcing the surrounding soils.

Using Vibro Piers as part of a foundation system reduces construction schedules and project costs by permitting the use of shallow spread footings rather than a conventional deep foundation system. Vibro Piers are vibrator-installed aggregate piers, typically constructed to intermediate depths of 5 to 30 feet for the support of new loads. The aggregate piers reinforce the ground to increase bearing capacity, reduce settlement, increase global stability, and decrease seismic deformations.

The technology behind Vibro Piers involves using a powerful, specially-designed down-hole vibrator to compact select aggregate in lifts. Aggregate is first introduced into a pre-drilled hole and is then compacted in lifts via repetitive ramming action of the vibrator. The dense aggregate interlocks to form a stiff pier that "engages" the surrounding soil to provide reinforcement and increased shear resistance.

Jim Hussin, a Hayward Baker director with over 20 years of experience working with the company’s vibro systems, noted that Vibro Pier technology marries the best aspects of deep vibratory densification techniques with the most cost-effective equipment, thus providing fast, economical treatment for poorly-placed fills and cohesive, mixed or layered soils. "The use of Vibro Piers has grown rapidly," Hussin stated. "In 2006, we charted more than a 70% increase in the number of projects we conducted compared to the previous year. Our work included projects performed in nearly 20 states and supporting many different types of structures, such as multi-story residential and commercial buildings, parking structures, warehouses, storage tanks, turbine towers, retaining walls and roadway embankments."

Hayward Baker designs and manufactures its own vibrators, thereby ensuring consistent high quality and reliability across all Vibro Pier applications. The company’s North American network of more than 20 regional offices and equipment yards means that projects can be mobilized quickly with reduced start-up costs. Quality control during Vibro Pier projects includes procedural inspection and full documentation of the work activity, pre-drill diameter and depth, time and energy parameters, aggregate quantity, and treatment depth. Performance is verified by modulus testing, and all projects are warrantied.

For more information on Vibro Pier technology or to explore its applicability to a specific foundation requirement, visit or e-mail your request to VibroPiers(at) For a listing of Hayward Baker regional offices, visit

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