Nicholson Static Load Test Webinar
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Static Load Testing of Piles Webinar

Nicholson Construction is hosting another great webinar in their 60mn webinar series!! Their Former Chief Engineer, Tom Richards is going to present on Static Load Testing of Piles. He will cover the rules to carry out load tests, […]

HBM's Screwsol piling rigs installing foundation for new Lego factory
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Foundations of the new factory of Lego

Soletanche Bachy’s Hungarian company, HBM was successful in winning a design-build contract for a new factory for the world famous toy company, LEGO. The foundation work, which was undertaken in 2012, included 50 km of […]

Typical pile driving analyzer or PDA setup

The Use of the Pile Driving Analyzer for Installing Pile Foundations

Typical pile driving analyzer or PDA setup

[Editor] The pile driving analyzer or PDA is used to measure the response of piles during driving. It was originally developed to analyze pile drivability, but is sometimes used as a substitute for pile static load tests to determine . Mr. Scott A. Barnhill, P.E., Executive Vice President of consulting firm GeoEnvironmental Resources, Inc. located in Virginia Beach, Virginia has seen PDA being used and misused over his 33-year career. In this article, Mr. Barnhill describes pitfalls in relying solely on the PDA for pile capacities, and also describes what PDA is good at and how it can be used successfully. [/Editor]


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Continuous-flight Auger Piles

National Driller Magazine has a nice overview article of Continuous-Flight Auger Piles that was featured in their Foundation Drilling Newsletter. It’s a decent overview for those unfamiliar with CFA Piles. This type of deep foundation […]