Geo-Foundations Contractors of Canada installing micropiles on the Nova Scotia Highway 104 West River Bridge project
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Keller acquires Canadian geotechnical contractor

According to NCE, Keller has announced that it has acquired Canada-based geotechnical contractor Geo-Foundation Contractors in a deal valued at £5.7M (US$9.1M). The brief article notes that Geo-Foundation Contractors specializes in micro-piling, ground anchors, and […]

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EDITORIAL: Work/Life Balance

This editorial from well-known ASFE founder John Bachner struck a cord with me. He is passionate about geoprofessionals getting involved in their communities and giving back to the profession and sees that as one of […]

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Most Popular Content of 2012

Sorry for the delay, I found some problems with my script that generates these statistics.  Here are the most popular articles that were published during 2012.  I have pro-rated the total number of hits based on how long they have been published.  That might give a bit of an edge to articles published more recently, but the alternative would bias towards those articles published earlier in the year.  At any rate, enjoy!  P.S. – Sign up for the free monthly email newsletter in the next few days, and you’ll get the latest list of the top content of all time!

Top 100 Articles Published in 2012:

  1. DFI Announces the 2012 Outstanding Project Award Winner – The Route 9A Pedestrian Tunnel at the World Trade Center – Published Dec 10, 2012 (40.1 hits/day, 883 page impressions total)
  2. Sample Guide Specifications for Construction of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) – Published Nov 21, 2012 (35.8 hits/day, 1,476 page impressions total)
  3. Troubled Eastern NC Riverfront Convention Center Gets Lifeline from Hayward Baker and TerraThane™ Geotech Foam by NCFI Polyurethanes – Published Oct 4, 2012 (28.7 hits/day, 2,559 page impressions total)
  4. Study: Port of Anchorage replacement vulnerable to liquefaction in earthquake – Published Dec 19, 2012 (28.0 hits/day, 370 page impressions total)
  5. New Subsea Robotic Geotechnical Site Investigation Company Formed – Published Aug 17, 2012 (27.0 hits/day, 3,704 page impressions total)
  6. Solid Foundation for Grain Storage – Published Dec 13, 2012 (26.9 hits/day, 508 page impressions total)
  7. Nicholson and SolData Working on Six of the Ten Largest Tunneling Projects in North America – Published May 1, 2012 (22.9 hits/day, 5,608 page impressions total)
  8. ASTM Updates for August 2012 – Published Sep 18, 2012 (21.2 hits/day, 2,232 page impressions total)
  9. Huge struts used to prop London excavation – Published Nov 25, 2012 (20.5 hits/day, 754 page impressions total)
  10. 180 Miles of California Levees Declared Ineligible for Federal Rebuild Funds – Published Oct 18, 2012 (20.1 hits/day, 1,511 page impressions total)

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