A very large engineered slope failure in Malaysia – Bukit Setiawangsa

Dec 2012 Slope failure at Bukit Setiawangsa, Malaysia

Dec 2012 Slope failure at Bukit Setiawangsa, Malaysia

An engineered slope reported to be 43 meters (141 ft) high that was stabilized by what appears to be tie-back anchors experienced a massive failure at the end of 2012. Dr. Dave Petley of the Landslide Blog made a few observations regarding the possible failure modes and also pointed out in a subsequent post some comments by a supposed ‘expert’. But it seems virtually impossible to me to determine what caused this failure until more information comes out. [Source: The Landslide Blog. Image: The Landslide Blog]


  1. This is not uncommon in Malaysia… Lets see who the developers and consulting engineers point their fingers… Most likely .. Another ACT OF GOD! I am in fact regretted taking geology as my major and my career. At certain point in my life I was ashamed of my fellow engineers as all they care is PROFIT. I don’t see much comprehensive research being done prior to any project. They use to claim… We didn’t do any comprehensive slope and
    soil studies for all those building and slopes….And they are still there for years. Since then, I decided to move on with life and linked with Australian Engineers and my projects were abroad since 2006. I have done projects in more than 10 countries, and Malaysia is the worse.

    Well, lets see what the engineers say this time… Lets see who gets the blame this time… Most likely the Almighty God… God bless Malaysia!

  2. I believe that all of these arise from going to a bidding to choose a consultant engineer, those who give that “least price” would be the winner and they’ll get the project.

    And when it comes to cost control, they have no budget for what so called “research” amd they hurry to send report and earn money

    I believe that “Clients” should look for the best Engineering firms not the Cheapest![b][/b]

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