Keynetix Launches “Game-Changing” Modelling Software Update

3D fence diagrams are being used more often to share complex subsurface geology with wider project team and clients

A new version of the Keynetix HoleBASE SI Extension for Civil 3D will revolutionise ground modelling, dynamically updating AutoCAD 3D models when users change sections and fence diagrams.

Rather than building a ground model and generating 2D sections and 3D fence diagrams from it, the new software turns the process on its head, allowing engineers and geologists to create and edit sections, automatically updating the fence diagrams and the AutoCAD Civil surfaces in the model.

“More and more ground specialists are using 3D fence diagrams, sometimes referred to as 3D sections, to share complex geological information with both the wider team and their clients,” explained Keynetix Technical Director Gary Morin.

“3D fence diagrams were added to HoleBASE SI Extension for Civil 3D in 2017, allowing dynamic sections to be created as changes were made to the 3D model. However, users told us they found it easier to draw in 2D when developing 3D models and not the other way round, so we wanted to come up with a solution to help.

“We believe this is a real game-changer. The new software will allow engineers and geologists to visualise and understand subsurface data much faster. As a result, it can be used on smaller projects, where time restrictions often preclude this type of approach.”

The new features were developed as part of the joint Keynetix and British Geological Survey BIM for the subsurface project, funded by Innovate UK.

“This places geological modeling back in the hands of the geologists,” said BGS Team Leader of Geological Modelling Systems and Innovate UK team member Holger Kessler. “The easy-to-use interface means models can be built easily, without much knowledge of AutoCAD, which is a great step forward.”

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