Bentley Prepares to Launch OpenGround Cloud with Webinar

OpenGround - The future of geotechnical software at Bentley?

Perhaps the biggest news in geotechnical software over the past year has been the acquisition of Keynetix (makers of HoleBASE software) by Bentley (makers of gINT software). Their new geotechnical data management platform is being branded as OpenGround, and OpenGround Cloud should revolutionize the way we handle geotechnical data in our profession.

There will be a webinar showing the features of OpenGround Cloud on May 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM EST. Register for the Webinar here. From the intro to the webinar:

We’re excited to announce the launch of OpenGround Cloud! 

Subsurface digital twins can be vital for assessing and managing risks in infrastructure projects.  At Bentley, we are committed to developing multidiscipline workflows that help drive efficiencies and further advance infrastructure. OpenGround Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for collecting, managing, visualizing, analyzing, and accessing data.

In this Webinar you learn how to:

> Use OpenGround Cloud for geotechnical data management
> Enable teams with access of current and historical project
> Collaborate with federated data, on any connected device with a browser