Nicholson grouts embankments for CalTrans in Orange County, California
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Catch-Up Post (CUP) Feb 9, 2017

There is some great stuff in here for anyone interested in geotechnical news, geologic hazards, and geological and geotechnical aspects for projects around the World. Enjoy Emergency Bridge Underpinning: Choosing Micropiles – Source: URETEK MA […]

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Video: Fascinating Geotechnical News in 2016

Our colleagues over at put together a great video compiling some of the more interesting stories of 2016 for all of us geotechnical nerds. Check it out! [Source: YouTube Channel. Image: YouTube]

Mercator map projection
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Free On-line Coordinate Conversion Tools

RockWare, the makers of RockWorks and LogPlot geotechnical software, have released a free online tool to convert between different coordinate systems. You can convert to and from State Plane coordinates using a NAD27 datum, and […]