Rocscience Landslide Case Study with 5 Programs

Analyzing a Pile Stabilized Slope - From Rocscience

Rocscience has a suite of geotechnical software packages that are commonly used for slope stability analysis. At a Deep Foundations Institute virtual conference in August of 2020, a team from Rocscience participated in a panel discussion on analyzing deep foundation resistance in slope stability analysis. It’s not clear if the Rocscience team prepared a demonstration during the conference, or wrote about it after for their website, but the website article is very informative and gives you a very nice window into the various 2D, 3D, limit equilibrium, and finite element methods of analyzing a pile stabilized slope. The programs discussed in the article are Slide2, RSPile, RS2, Slide3, and RS3 with Slide2 being the basis of the analysis as a conventional 2D limit equilibrium slope stability program. It’s a good, short read and something very practical to understand the various methods of slope stability analysis that are currently in practice.