Video: Magnitude 7 Earthquake Strikes Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Highway damaged by magnitude 7 earthquake

A magnitude 7 earthquake struck just 8 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska this morning causing widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. The quake struck at 8:29 am local time and the focus of the earthquake was 25 miles beneath the surface.  According to the Washington Post, the indications are that the quake occurred on a normal fault, but I am curious to hear if that is confirmed as more information comes in.  The USGS information on the earthquake can be found here. There are reports of wide-spread power outages and ruptured water lines and other utilities.  The Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline shut down temporarily as a precaution but was restarted as of 3:30 pm local time. A tsunami warning was issued after the quake but has since expired.  As of yet, I have not seen any mention of fatalities or injuries.

Video source: CNN.  Image credit: NAT HERZ / ALASKA PUBLIC MEDIA via