GEO5 2022 Updates are Here, New BIM Features, FEM Webinar

The November Fine Software newsletter was full of interesting info! See below for some of the highlights.

Webinar: How to design a top-down tunnel in GEO5 FEM

Don’t miss this free webinar on December 7, 2021 from 10:00-11:00 AM CET. Read more about it and Register!

GEO5 2022 BIM Features

The GEO5 2022 edition has been released, and there are a number of improvements to this popular suite of geotechnical software, among them new geotechnical BIM features such as:

  • Loading users’ maps and plans
  • Planning a geotechnical investigation
  • Transferring data to mobile devices
  • Adding external objects to a 3D model
  • Improved data exports / imports

You can watch a short video demonstrating these features below.

GEO5 2022 Released

Other new features in GEO5 2022 (and their relevant module) include:

  • New way of anchor modelling (FEM)
  • Analysis of pile bearing capacity according to EA−Pfähle (Pile)
  • Pile bearing capacity according to the De Beer method – NBN EN1997-1 ANB (Pile CPT)
  • Visualisation of load and springs (Pile Group)
  • Calculation of crack width according to Chinese standards (Cantilever Wall)
  • Pfeifer meshes (Nailed Slope)
  • Tensar UX catalog of reinforcements (MSE Wall)
  • Strauss and Root Piles (Pile CPT)
  • User-defined areas in templates (Stratigraphy)

You can read about these new features and more on the GEO5 website where you can also download a free trial version.

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