Geolegends Interview: Wayne Clough

The Geo-Institute of ASCE has a fantastic YouTube series called Geolegends where they interview the titans of our geoprofession. Their latest in the series is an interview with Dr. G. Wayne Clough. You might be familiar with his often-cited work with Thomas O’Rourke on Construction Induced Movements of Insitu Walls, or perhaps his work on Cemented Sands under Static Loading. However Dr. Clough has an incredible list of accomplishments, just check out his Wikipedia Page. I didn’t realize this, but he became the President of Georgia Tech for 14 years, and also served as the Secretary of the Smithsonian for about 6 years. Like Terzaghi, Dr. Clough was known for applying geology in his practice of geotechnical engineering. He comes across as a true southern gentleman and is still as sharp as ever at age 81. You can catch the interview below.