Spire London has the biggest foundations of any building in Brittain

Foundations for the New Tower of London

What are the foundations like for what will be the tallest residential tower in Western Europe?  Richard Piggin with Bachy Soletanche explained what will be supporting the £800million Spire London tower in a Metro.news article. The tower, located […]

BIM used in the Victoria Station Upgrade

Winners of the GE Awards revealed

The winners of the prestigious Ground Engineering Awards were announced recently. The Editor’s Award was presented to a Joint Venture of Keller (parent company of GeoPrac sponsor Hayward Baker), Bam Nuttall and Taylor Woodrow as […]

One of the eight Crossrail Tunnel Boring Machines or TBMs
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Crossrail – the engineering geology

For those outside the UK, the Crossrail project is a mega-project upgrade to the London metro area’s subway system. The tunneling portion of the project will consist of 21-km of twin-bore tunnels excavated by eight […]

BBCs how leaning towers compare graphic
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Big Ben lean nothing to worry about

Here is another article on the lean of London’s Big Ben clock tower. According to Professor John Burland of Imperial College, it would take 10,000 years for the tower to match the lean of the […]

Big Ben, the next leaning tower of Pisa?
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Pisa expert says Big Ben leaning

London’s famous landmark Big Ben is now about 1/2 of a meter off of perpendicular according to recent surveys. The monument has been tilting towards the north for some time, with the rate of movement […]