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Troubled Eastern NC Riverfront Convention Center Gets Lifeline from Hayward Baker and TerraThane™ Geotech Foam by NCFI Polyurethanes


MOUNT AIRY, NC—The 12-year-old riverfront Convention Center in New Bern, NC was in trouble. The building’s exterior is supported by pilings driven deep in the ground, but the floors sit directly on the earth and silt of the old riverbed. The land was in-filled by old docks and building debris in the 1970s and settling, erosion, and construction mistakes were taking their toll on the building.

Parts of the floor and patio sunk up to seven inches, cracks and uneven joints in the concrete slab floors were causing walking/tripping hazards, and gaps beneath walls were allowing sound to pass between what were designed as soundproof rooms.

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Geologic Hazards

Rockslide Closes I-40 in Western North Carolina


A massive rockslide closed a busy interstate route last week near the border between Tennessee and North Carolina in Pigeon River Gorge. This area has had landslide problems in the past. In 1997 a rockslide in the same area closed the freeway for approximately 3 months. (Photo from Landslides Under a Microscope Blog, original source not cited)

I have yet to see volume estimates, but The Charlotte Observer quoted a highway patrol officer who was at the scene:

He said the roadway is covered by a gigantic mound of debris, from pebbles up to house-sized boulders. The pile is 40 to 50 feet high, Williamson estimated, and hundreds of feet long.

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