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NASA JPL Gulf Stream III research test bed with Synthetic Aperture Radar pod underneath.
  • image He’s posted a few updates for the Niagara Tunnel, and as promised, I updated my Niagara Tunnel post which has a list of all (or most) of his posts on that interesting project. I guess things are going well right now which is expected since they are apparently sort of at the bottom of concave tunnel alignment with some tough times ahead when they start the climb back up (see this post and then this one). (Photo by Niagara Frontier)
  • Seismically induced landslide hazard in Anchorage, Alaska – This is a new USGS publication showing the risk for various scenarios. You might remember that little earthquake in 1964 in that area. Apparently much of the damage was from seismically induced landslides.
  • Here’s mention of a little article about some seismic geophysics work being done in Pennsylvania to find possible CO2 sequestration areas.
  • Finally, he posted this just a few minutes ago about a NASA story about L-band radar data collection using a JPL Gulfstream III jet (pictured at top). They are surveying faults in California, including the San Andreas, every 6-months or so and creating interferometric SAR or INSAR images to compare movements over the time period. They hope it will help with determining which faults are active, where strains are building up and how much creep movement occurs and how much movement occurs during an actual earthquake. The image below is from the INSAR image of the San Andreas included in the NASA story.

NASA INSAR image of San Andreas Fault

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