Sequential analysis of an excavation with a tie-back wall in GeoStudio Sigma/W
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Seequent reinvents geotechnical analysis with new GeoStudio Core

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, 19 August 2020 – High-growth geoscience software company Seequent today announced the release of GeoStudio Core. GeoStudio Core combines updated SLOPE/W and SEEP/W with a new, completely reformulated SIGMA/W product. These major upgrades allow geotechnical engineers […]

Sheet pile wall Slope/W Example
Software Updates

Sheet Pile Wall SLOPE/W example problem

Deep excavations usually require proper reinforcement to prevent failure. In this SLOPE/W example we illustrate how the stability of a deep excavation with a sheet pile wall can be evaluated. Features of this simulation include: […]

GeoStudio 2007 Icon
Software Updates

GeoStudio 2007 Update – Version 7.14

GeoStudio 2007 Icon GEO-SLOPE International, makers of the GeoStudio 2007 geotechnical software suite have announced a significant update to their GeoStudio 2007 software products, which includes SLOPE/W, SIGMA/W and SEEP/W, QUAKE/W and others. The update includes several new features and a large number of fixes. The last update of GeoStudio 2007 was in September of 2008. New features of interest include: