Server Problems

It turns out that my hosting company pretty much went out of business without any advanced warning to their clients. Everything on that server was gone, and there was no way to recover it. So I knew what I had to do. I signed up for a new hosting account with another provider and started to update configurations for my sites and those of my clients. This was about 10pm on thursday. By about 2:30 am I was mostly done with the updated configurations. On Friday morning, I had the tech support restore the backup files I had fortunately made on August 30. The restore procedures went pretty smoothly, but I did loose a couple of posts that I had made in the week between backing up and crashing.

At any rate, between server problems and my sick 2-year old daughter this weekend, I’m behind on my posting. I’ll have to try and re-draft a post I had written looking back on the 6 months of’s existence, and looking ahead at some additional ideas and hopes I have for the site.

The good news is that the site seems to be loading faster with the new host, so far I’m very pleased. I think I’ll do a better job of backing up though!