The new ESdat Scheduler. Using Environmental Data Software for managing multiple Monitoring Programs



The new ESdat Scheduler makes it quick and easy to manage multiple Monitoring Programs across one or many sites.
Managing multiple Monitoring Programs across one or many sites is about to become a whole lot easier for users of ESdat.

To ensure compliance with relevant environmental regulations and guidelines environmental professionals are often required to maintain multiple Monitoring Programs characterised by:

  • Competing deadlines and field staff schedules
  • Variable monitoring frequency
  • Varying locations
  • Variations in sample collection methodologies and analytes to test
  • Different environmental standards

To address these workflow issues and assist environmental professionals efficiently and effectively manage their data, EScIS is rebuilding the previous LSpecs module for ESdat.  The new module for ESdat will provide comprehensive management of Monitoring Program schedules and include a Monitoring Program Scheduling utility, calendars, notifications and an efficient workflow based field data collection system .

ESdat Scheduler will be completely web based, and will still integrate with existing ESdat functionality.  The Scheduler is just one exciting part of the current development.  Other key features include:

  • Managing Laboratory Quotes and associated Information;
  • Task Assignment – assigning tasks to people;
  • Electronic field data collection, electronic COC;
  • Managing task completion;
  • Automated import/upload of laboratory results ;
  • A full interactive QA module and Chemistry Exceedance Table;
  • Approval  process associated with the  receipt of laboratory data.

This will simplify the creation of sample plans to just four easy steps.

  • Define Monitoring Program(s) (regular or ad-hoc)
  • View a Schedule
  • View the status of all pending tasks
  • Create a new monitoring round

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