U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District to Implement Dataforensics PLog Enterprise for Geotechnical Data Management

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Norcross, GA, July 6, 2009 – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District (USACE – NO) has issued a contract to Dataforensics, a leader in geotechnical data management software development and implementation, for its PLog Enterprise software.  The contract not only includes deployment of the PLog Enterprise system but expanding its capabilities to work with Oracle databases and with ArcSDE technology. 

PLog Enterprise is a GIS-based geotechnical data management system which allows archiving an organization’s geotechnical data into a single database and provides a map based interface for visualizing, accessing, and reporting the data. Clients can also use PLog Enterprise’s simple interface to query their data for user defined specified criteria.

Steve Savage, Senior Geologist with the USACE – New Orleans District, said, “PLog Enterprise has all the features we need in an Enterprise GIS system.  Development of a similar system would have taken us years to develop with significant additional costs. Purchasing PLog Enterprise has saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”

“The New Orleans District has developed a comprehensive gINT database that fulfills many of their extensive geotechnical reporting needs. PLog Enterprise lets them take advantage of their current geotechnical reporting capabilities within gINT and also allows them to expand their data management capabilities.  Furthermore PLog Enterprise enhances their data mining capabilities, which is critical as geotechnical engineers are collecting, managing and reporting more data.” said Scott Deaton, Dataforensics President.

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