Ensuring consistency in geotechnical laboratory operations


Key-Lab_Accreditation_Lab_Input_i2Laboratory accreditation has become a ‘ticket to the game’ and most geotechnical laboratories will have, or are working towards, accreditation. The key thing an accreditation body is looking for is consistency; in workflows, sample handling, testing processes, calculations and reporting.

While many geotechnical laboratory managers choose Excel as their laboratory information management system (LIMS), its limitations can lead to problems for meeting client requirements, quality assurance and, ultimately, accreditation.

KeyLAB was developed specifically for geotechnical laboratories and integrates with Excel. It can be implemented simply and quickly and allows an organization’s worksheets to be used, to maintain competitive advantage.

Terry Stafford, Geotechnical Manager at independent testing laboratory i2 Analytical, worked with Keynetix to design bespoke results sheets for KeyLAB. “KeyLAB is evolving with new technology, which will help us meet our future aim of having a paperless system, one that is faster and reduces human error.”

KeyLAB protects input sheets to maintain quality control and can export data in a variety of formats, including client-specific reports. Workflow is controlled and consistency maintained to help meet client’s needs and accreditation requirements.

[Source: View this interesting article from GeoPrac sponsor Keynetix, Image Credit: Ground Technollogy Services via Keynetix]