Dataforensics’ PDensity and PConcrete implemented for Houston Rapid Transit Joint Venture

Norcross, Georgia, October 1, 2010 – Dataforensics software applications PDensity and PConcrete are being used by the HRT joint venture currently building the Houston Light Rail Project; a $1.46 billion dollar design, build and maintenance contract.

In order to meet the extensive and rigorous QA/QC standards, a web based application to manage construction quality assurance/quality control data was developed that allows multiple organizations immediate and simultaneous access to the QA/QC data. The web application includes the capabilities to manage all data necessary for field density and concrete testing, including specification management, material properties, field test results, and laboratory test results, as well as reporting capabilities.

The PDensity and PConcrete applications allows subcontractors working on the Houston Light Rail project to digitally record, manage and report all density tests for soil and asphalt as well as concrete test results. With this system, HRT personnel easily and quickly access the data in a single system which enables more automated, advanced analysis, filtering and reporting compared with the current manual processes. HRT personnel are able to ensure the proper numbers of tests are performed by QA and QC personnel for each phase of the project.

“We are excited about taking our data management software to the next level: a web-based data management system with flexible, integrated reporting capabilities. This makes PDensity and PConcrete an entirely self-contained application which all personnel within an organization who have a PC and a web browser can access and use to complete their job with much less effort and time than was previously possible when multiple tools were used. We believe the analysis and reporting capabilities provided by the enterprise data management system have the potential to significantly enhance the state of practice for QA/QC projects around the world,” said Scott Deaton, Dataforensics president.

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