TerraThane Used To Square Off Ravelling Rock Wall

NCFI TerraThane geotechical polymer used to square off raveling rock prior to forming a concrete wall

In Louisville, KY a large pit, 40ft deep, 300 yards long x 150 yards wide was dug to build an overflow facility for the city’s combined stormwater and sewage systems. A substantial amount of this excavation was rock, with the top 4ft being very unstable. Large chunks of the rock had broken off creating large cavities at the top section. The City needed to fill the voids and create a flat plane in order to tie in rebar forms to construct the facility’s concrete walls and foundation. 

The general contractor, MAC Construction, contacted NCFI about using a TerraThane system to fill the voids, some being as large as 20ft wide, 5ft deep and 4ft tall, so the project could progress. In order to effectively fill these voids, NCFI recommended the TerraThane 24-023. Due to its low exothermic properties, the 24-023 would allow for mass polymer placement. In order to install the placements, the performing contractor Purefoam used a boom lift to get the sprayers up to the work areas from the bottom of the pit.

NCFI TerraThane geotechnical polymer used at an overflow facility in Louisville, KY

Over 8 separate days, Purefoam installed 9000 pounds of the TerraThane 24-023 to fill approximately 4,000 cubic feet of voided areas. The flat plain was established and the voids were filled, allowing for the project to continue with minimal interruption to its schedule.

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