gINT Software team not sitting on their heels!

Today I was able to speak with several members of the gINT software team from Bentley, a GeoPrac Sponsor.  Salvatore Caronna, the original creator of gINT, is still very much involved in the improvement of gINT under his new title of Solution Executive, Environmental.  Strahimir Antoljak is the Product Manager, Geotechnical Products and is leading the team.  I also spoke with Lee Tanase, who is the Director of Business Development for Bentley BrIM (didn’t ask him what that last part means).  Yesterday I spoke with Andrea Elliott as well, a geotechnical product sales specialist.

I consider myself a gINT power user after having used the software for my entire 10-year geotechnical career, but it was humbling to hear from them how many more existing features there are than what I was aware of.  We discussed gINT’s alignments feature that I have dabbled with, and the ability to import alignments (and surfaces) that are exported in Land XML format.  We also discussed a way to preserve your interpreted fence diagrams and actually project those interpretations onto other fences.  And being a programmer geek that I am, I was very interested when Salvatore told me about a downloadable gINT add-in (gra005) that will create the skeleton framework for gINT Rules Code in your library.  It handles the hardest part, so you can just look for the “your code here” placeholder.  Salvatore made a 30+ minute tutorial video for how to use this file, and I embedded it below.  Thanks for your time today, Salvatore, Strah, Lee, and Andrea…it was a pleasure!