Webinar on Increasing Bearing Capacity and Reducing Settlement with Chemical Grout – April 6th

Randy Post, President of GeoPrac.net and Senior Geological/Geotechnical Engineer at Golder

On Friday, April 6th from 12-1pm EST, 9-10am PST I will be presenting a webinar on increasing bearing capacity and reducing settlement using chemical grout, specifically polyurethane grout. Please register now for this free geotechnical webinar.  The webinar, hosted by Ground Works Solutions, will highlight two of the projects where my Golder colleagues and I provided geotechnical design services for the grouting program.  The projects are the Kentucky International Convention Center project in Louisville Kentucky, and the Union Terminal Project in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The videos below will give you a little background on the two projects.

Kentucky Internationa Convention Center Chemical Grouting Project

Cincinnati Union Terminal Chemical Grouting Project

Note:  Randy Post is the President and Editor of GeoPrac.net LLC, but his day job is as a geotechnical engineer at Golder.  The opinions expressed on this site are solely his own and not those of Golder.