A-GaME Webinars Now Available On-Demand

A-GaME Geotechnical Webinars from the FHWA

The FHWA’s Advanced Geotechnical Methods in Exploration (A-GaME) 2020-2021 Winter Webinar series produced some fantastic content. They have just announced that the A-GaME recorded webinars are now being hosted by the Deep Foundations Institute on their Youtube channel.

From the A-GaME page at the FHWA:

Up to 50 percent of major infrastructure projects suffer impacts to schedule or cost due to geotechnical issues. Many of these issues relate to risks identified directly or indirectly to the scope and quality of site characterization work. Effective site characterization is critical for recognizing potential problems that may affect design and construction and for ensuring safe, well-performing, and cost-effective projects.

The webinars available include:

  • Welcome Back to the A-GaME “Second Half”
  • Selecting the Right Tools for the Job – Establishing the Project Goal and the Path to Get There
  • Contracting: How to Assemble the A-GaME Team
  • Outcomes: “Winning Your A-GaME”
  • ‘Double-Header’ Geophysics: Electrical & Seismic Methods
  • CPT: More Holes is More Better!
  • MWD: The Digital Drill Rig
  • A Look Down the Hole: Optical and Acoustic Televiewers
  • Post-Game Analysis: Making the Most of your Methods
  • Reporting and Visualizing the Big Picture for a Winning A-GaME Season

As far as free geotechnical webinars, you’re going to have a hard time beating these for content. They are well worth your time!