Former CEO of National Soil Stabilization Services Company, Joshua Burcaw, Joins NCFI Polyurethanes

Josh Burcaw - Executive VP of the Geotechnical Division of NCFI Polyurethanes

MOUNT AIRY, NC—US Company, NCFI Polyurethanes, announced today Joshua Burcaw will join the company as executive vice president of its geotechnical division. Burcaw recently served as CEO of URETEK, ICR, a national soil and pavement stabilization services company.

“We’re excited to have Josh join our geotechnical division,” says Chip Holton, president of NCFI. “What was once a small part of our overall specialty products line, has grown into one of our fastest growing market segments. We’ve worked hard to make the TerraThane brand the obvious market leader. Josh’s leadership will build on that success to help take our TerraThane product line into new segments, and develop new and better ways to support our customers’ needs.”

Burcaw says, “I couldn’t have chosen a better place. I’ve known NCFI for years, and they have an excellent reputation for product innovation, high-quality geotechnical polymers, and the way they support their customers who are unbelievably loyal. That, and the more than 50 years of manufacturing expertise, quality control processes, and cutting-edge R&D, give us and our contractors a real competitive edge. This is the right place to be at the right time.”

According to Burcaw, who got his start “drilling holes in roadways 10 hours a day along Interstate 5 in California for the injection of polyurethane to rehabilitate the highway,” he’s seen the once-fledgling industry of the late 1980s evolve into a global solution for soil and structural rehabilitation. “The application has become the ideal solution for reducing the complexity, time, and cost of soil repair. The old way just isn’t viable anymore. The range of applications for polymers has grown from small residential work to massive infrastructure and industrial projects. There’s a big future for our TerraThane geotechnical polymers, and we plan to drive the continued evolution of the US market.”

TerraThane geotechnical polymers are specialty formulations, custom designed to work within unique geological conditions to achieve a wide variety of structural rehabilitation applications: foundation and roadway rehabilitation, soil densification, void filling, sewer and manhole sealing, pipeline trench breakers, and seawall repair. NCFI supplies polymers and equipment, and provides training for some the largest geotechnical contractors in the United States.


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