GEO5 Updates Including Water Flow Module

GEO5 2022 Updates - Slope Stability Water Flow Module

The latest updates to the GEO5 suite of geotechnical software include a new module, Slope Stability – Water Flow that allows the determination of the pore pressures in the slope by using steady-state or transient groundwater seepage analysis using the finite element method. As a practitioner, I can appreciate the inclusion of a material database to help estimate material properties based on USCS classification and soil consistency. The software allows you to set a variety of boundary conditions, including impermeable lines, permeable lines, prescribed pore pressure, prescribed inflow/outflow, and more. Check out a demo at the link above or watch a demo video below.

Other updates to the GEO5 suite include:

  • Pile – Automatic design of pile length
  • All programs – Optional 64-bit version
  • Sheeting Check – Soil mix wall
  • Cantilever Wall – Calculation of crack width according to EN 1992
  • Stratigraphy – Display of soil solids
  • Stratigraphy – Geological maps and site exploration data from German, Hungarian, French, and Polish geological institutes
  • All programs – Soil classification EAU 2012
  • All programs – Improvement and systematization of IFC format
  • Pile Group – General inclination of piles
  • MSE Wall – New catalog of reinforcements (CTM)
  • All programs – Updated RC standard – ACI 318-19

… and many other improvements. Read more about the updates on the GEO5 Versions page.

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