Sixense North America Launches New Website

Sixense North America launches new website

Sixense Northern America, a leading provider of monitoring and asset management services, announces the launch of their new website. The new website reflects Sixense’s dedication to delivering high-quality, real-time monitoring services across the continent. As the Northern American branch of Sixense Group, an international leader with a global presence, Sixense leverages its extensive experience and collaboration with the Soletanche Freyssinet Group to provide tailored solutions for projects worldwide.

I first became acquainted with Sixense through their important role in monitoring the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Tunnel Project, where their expertise and cutting-edge technology was used to monitor existing infrastructure in Downtown Seattle during the tunnel drives and associated construction. For this project, they deployed over 4,000 sensors and combined different technologies, including 37 robotic total station installations. The truly impressive part was the software and data management piece they call Geoscope that turns this mountain of 24/7 data into usable information.