One of six areas proposed for sea walls is a stretch of Ocean Boulevard in Shell Beach, where erosion is eating away at the bluffs and beach, exposing a storm drain pipe.
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USACE wants 6 sea walls at Pismo Beach

Coastal erosion is threatening existing structures at Shell Beach and northern Pismo Beach near San Luis Obispo, California. The Army Corps of Engineers suggests 6 sea walls to protect infrastructure such as two sewage treatment […]

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Teenage Girl Buried Alive in Beach Bluff Landslide

A teenage girl strolling on the beach in Pacifica, California was buried alive by a landslide. She was buried up to her chest, and a passer-by dug her out with his bare hands while more soil and rock fell around them. Story at KTVU San Francisco. See a nice oblique aerial photo of the beach prior to the landslide here. Those slopes don’t look particularly stable to me but what do I know?