Liebherr's foundation drill rig equipment simulator in action
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Liebherr Creates Foundation Drill Rig Simulator

Equipment manufacturer Liebherr has created a new simulator to allow operators to train on foundation drilling equipment virtually. The simulator is based on other simulators created by Liebherr, and includes things like a real construction […]

Excavator mounted drilled shaft rig topples over in Austin, Texas

Drilled Shaft Rig Topples in Austin, Texas [Video]

Excavator mounted drilled shaft rig topples over in Austin, Texas An excavator mounted drill rig drilling shafts as part of a project to pass utilities under I-35 near 51st Street toppled over while trying to move in soft, rain soaked soil. The Austin Fire Department was able to extract the operator from the cab and he was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, a minor miracle. I’m not sure what the purpose of the drilled shafts were for. Since the project was for some kind of utility pipe jacking under the freeway, I’m speculating it was drilling holes for temporary shoring for the jacking pit or something along those lines. I’m sure OSHA will be looking into the incident. Video news story after the break. (Photo from Austin


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Bad Azz Drill Rig

I don’t think this is a new CME drill rig (Central Mine Equipment Company), but its a model I’m not familiar with.  The CME-550X is designed to minimize ground contact pressure for jobs with wet […]