Example historical USGS topo map of Highlands, TX from 1912
Available Resources

USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer

Esri announced earlier this summer that they were making over 175,000 historical maps from the USGS available online. The maps are available to anyone to view online using their web map viewer. Or ArcGIS online […]

RockWorks screenshot - roadcut through stratigraphic model
Software Updates

RockWorks15 2010.4.15 Update

RockWare has announced an update to their popular RockWorks software package. RockWorks15 2010.4.15 includes a number of enhancements, including: Digitize  XYZ coordinates in RockPlot3D. View World Coordinates of any point in RockPlot3D. Create borehole location […]

Slide from ODOT Geotechnical Data Management System presentation by Kirk Beach

Geotechnical Data Management Presentation

Earthsoft, makers of the EQuIS geotechnical and environmental data management software, have posted a presentation titled ODOT Geotechnical Data Management System given by Kirk Beach of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Office of Geotechnical […]

Press Releases

Ohio DOT Adopts GIS-Based EQuIS for Its Geotechnical Data Management

ESRI Logo Redlands, California—The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will implement an enterprise version of EarthSoft’s Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) for ArcGIS to better manage, analyze, and share geotechnical data throughout the organization. An agreement between ODOT and EarthSoft, an ESRI business partner, will see EarthSoft provide the transportation industry standard Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (DIGGS) as electronic data deliverables (EDD). The new data will then reside and be accessible through ODOT’s enterprise-wide geographic information system (GIS)-supported EQuIS database.


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Video: State of Geoweb and Geospatial Technology from Google, ESRI and Autodesk

The O’Reilly Where 2.0 conference just wrapped up last week in Burlingame, CA. It is a big deal for developers, geographers, GIS developers, GPS equipment manufacturers and anyone else interested in location web services, GIS, mashups, and the so-called Geoweb. There were two presentations by some high profile players that may be of interest to the readers of GeoPrac.net. I have video versions of both after the break.

First, a presentation titled "State of the GeoWeb" given by Google Earth and Maps Director, John Hanke with some help from Jack Dangemond of ESRI. I think it gives you some interesting insights into the direction things are headed, particularly with some of the upcoming releases of ESRI GIS software and the interplay between location data that people have been producing for some time now and new ways of tapping into it using the web. Kind of a long presentation at around 30 minutes.

Second, Geoff Zeiss of Autodesk, Inc. (makers of AutoCad etc.) gives a presentation titled "Convergence of Architectural and Engineering Design and Location Technology". It deals with bridging the information created by different disciplines such as engineers, architects, trades and contractors into something more productive and usable using techniques such as 3D visualization and simulation. Length is approximately 15 minutes.