Carbon Sequestration as Hard Rock

Peridotite, possible means of carbon sequestration

Peridotite, possible means of carbon sequestrationMost carbon sequestration approaches focus on injecting CO2 underground for storage in porous aquifers and hoping the gas doesn’t escape. There are other problems with this approach as well, including chemical reactions that create Carbonic acid and a resulting low pH.  As reported by Technology Review, Scientists at Columbia University have discovered a promising new approach, to store CO2 in peridotite, which reacts with the gas to produce Calcium Carbonate or Magnesium Carbonate rock, otherwise known as limestone and dolomite. The initial studies were performed on a peridotite deposit in Oman, but deposits are also located in California and New Guinea. This will be an interesting technology to watch. (Photo of peridotite from University of Pittsburgh, Department of Geology and Planetary Science)