New Release – Surfer Version 9 (Gridding and Contouring Software)


From Rockware, Inc. Surfer 9 New Features Page:

  • Transparency / opacity for fills and bitmaps.
  • Convert data between UTM and longitude / latitude.
  • Use the Track Cursor to track position on different maps, and between maps and worksheet data files.
  • Load georeferenced TIF and other files with automatic world coordinates.
  • Load Excel XLSX files.
  • Export vector and bitmap PDF files.
  • Read USGS DEM data in BIL format.
  • Fill polygons with USGS fill patterns.
  • Specify object size and position precisely using page coordinates.
  • Save classed post symbols, colors, and sizes for use in other projects.
  • Works with larger grid files up to 32767 rows and columns.
  • Reference external databases with DBF, OLEDB and ODBC.
  • Display XYZ coordinates on the Status Bar.