Provo Utah Rock Fall Event


image The rockfall event happened on April 11, 2009 after some moderate to significant rainfall in the area several days earlier.  The source of the rock is a limestone unit some 2,600 vertical feet above the house and as mentioned, almost a mile away. The block was estimated to be approximately 4x4x5-ft. By my estimates, that’s easily over 10,000-lb in weight.

Interestingly, this is not the first rock fall to strike a house in the area. In May of 2005 a similar event slightly damaged a backyard playhouse and fence. The Utah Geologic Survey report has a nice map showing what was thought to be the path of these two rocks, and they appear to be rather similar.

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Map of Rock Fall Location

{mosmap width=’450px’|height=’300px’|zoom =’17’|zoomType=’Small’|zoomNew=’0’|zoomWheel=’1’|mapType =’Hybrid’|showMaptype =’1’|Overview =’2’|text =”|marker =’1’|dir=’0’|tooltip =’House hit by rockfall April 11, 2009’|address =’1496 North 1550 East, Provo, UT’|align =’center’}

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  1. A rock like that one would expect to be associated with debris so I guess this was a well vegetated slope, or just cliff and clear drop onto the roll, it must have made a mess of the scour zone, presumably a convenient garage floor as a platform has the same buffering effects as a sea cliff bench especially at raised beach, where several such fragments have been seen … Wyllie Norrisch have the Revelstoke 3 valley gap similar item lodged in the debris … did this have potential to roll farther as well ?

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