Hayward Baker Wolf Creek Dam Grouting Video

iGrout grouting system by Hayward Baker

iGrout grouting system by Hayward Baker In 2007 the US Army Corps identified Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky as one of the top 6 dams that are “critically near failure or have extremely high life and/or economic risk…” This structure is founded in Karst terrain and performing foundation remediation to mitigate seepage was a top priority. Specialty geotechnical contractor Hayward Baker was awarded the contract for 980,000 sq. ft. of seepage barrier wall.

Hayward Baker recently released a video highlighting their iGrout system of quality control and visualization  for grouting which was used at Wolf Creek. The video is about 7 minutes long with some great footage and animations showing all stages of the grouting project, from the investigations and data visualization to drilling, packer testing and the grouting and quality control. Unfortunately they have disabled the embedding, so I couldn’t put it right on the site, but the images shown here are screen captures from the video. It’s a very well done video, worth the 7 minutes if you can spare them.


Wolf Creek Dam remediation with Karstic Voids iGrout geotechnical and seepage profiles Schematic of grouting of wolf creek Grout cart used by Hayward Baker iGrout grouting profile at Wolf Creek Dam