Neshoba Spillway Remediation using TerraThane Polyurethane Grout
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Polyurethane Grout Curtains Solve Seepage Problems

Two recent projects using TerraThane™ geotechnical polyurethane grout were successful in solving seepage problems. TerraThane™ is a two-part geotechnical polymer that when mixed at the injection location, expands to many times its initial volume and […]

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Pond Embankment Stabilization with Geopolymer Injection


Geopolymer injection to sto seepage[Editor] An effluent pond in southeast Texas was suffering from years of erosion.  Recently, an escalation of subsurface water seepage through the pond’s embankment threatened the community’s main water source. URETEK used their versatile geopolymer product to inject beneath the embankment to seal off the seepage.  The project was a huge success! Read on for this contributed article from GeoPrac sponsor URETEK ICR. [/Editor] 


Katrina levee failure with Chinook Helicopter attmpting to fill the breach
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Possible Seepage at Newly Constructed New Orleans Levee

Katrina levee failure with Chinook Helicopter attmpting to fill the breachWet spots have been detected along a portion of a new levee being constructed by a US Army Corps of Engineers Contractor. The levee is approximately 95% complete, but the Levee Board wants to establish what is causing the apparent seepage before accepting the levee. More after the break. (Photo of Katrina levee failure from greenmannowar)