Plaxis Launch 3D Software for Geotechnical Sector

From a Wilde press Release:

After Plaxis bv have undertaken a comprehensive testing phase over the last 12 months, Wilde, as their UK & Ireland distributors, are delighted to announce the commercial release of their flexible yet intuitive PLAXIS 3D software.

With the option to import or create arbitrary surface and solid geometry within the user interface, PLAXIS 3D is a finite element analysis program specifically developed for the detailed three-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering. It is equipped with many unique features to deal with various aspects of complex geotechnical structures and construction processes, including the interaction between structures and the adjacent soil.

Advanced constitutive models enable the simulation of the non-linear, time-dependent and anisotropic behaviour of soils and rock. Furthermore, as soil is a multi-phase material, special capabilities also accurately model the influence of hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic pore pressures within the ground. [Source: Wilde via OnlySoftwareBlog]