Geotechnical Activity Index

Deep Excavation's Geotechnical Activity Index chart as of October 2012

Deep Excavation's Geotechnical Activity Index chart as of October 2012

Deep Excavation, the makers of shoring design software, DeepXcav, are reporting on the Geotechnical Activity Index, that they describe as:

The geotechnical activity index is a new index that reports on the geotechnical potential in each State within the US. The index takes into consideration the geotechnical activity and population in each state. The main objective is to track changes over time in geotechnical and foundation works.

This is some really interesting data to look at. I’m curious what the source of the info is. Maybe we can get Deep Excavation Founder and CEO Dimitrios Konstantakos to give us a little hint! [Source: Deep Excavation. Image: Deep Excavation, LLC]


  1. The GAI is a new index that we have developed. It considers a number of internet related searches and input from local engineers to sum up the activity. The overall activity is standardized by the State population so the relative strength of each state can be compared.

    We welcome qualified engineers to participate by voting each month. Please contact me at .

    Best regards,

  2. What a great idea, Dimitrios. I’ll be plugging your index here on GeoPrac, hopefully others will participate and make it an even more useful and accurate indicator of what’s going on in the geotechnical industry. Thanks for the response!

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