Quenching the Thirst: Compelling New Book Reveals Sustainable Solutions to Water Supply and Climate Change



Written by George Annandale, ‘Quenching the Thirst: Sustainable Water Supply and Climate Change’ informs readers of the inadequacy of global water supply. The book outlines plausible options to safeguard future fresh water supply in spite of the uncertainties associated with climate change. With its vital insight and concrete guidance, the book is sure to resonate with readers around the world.

Denver, Colorado – The flow of clean water from taps in the western world creates the illusion of abundance, while, in fact, the small amount of fresh water available on earth is dwindling. The amount of fresh water is so small that all the fresh groundwater on earth can fit in a sphere with a diameter of only 42 miles. Similarly, if one would place the fresh water that instantaneously flow in all rivers on earth in a sphere, it will have a diameter of only 10 miles. A distance of 10 miles is shorter than the daily commuting distance of most people on earth.

Globally humans use three and a half times more groundwater than what is naturally replenished. While many people are aware of pending water shortages and are concerned about climate change impacts, few have solutions. Renowned engineer and humanitarian George Annandale has prepared a ground-breaking new book that explains the threatening problem in plain terms and also proposes plausible remedies. Quenching the Thirst: Sustainable Water Supply and Climate Change puts aside long-winded explanations and scientific terminology to help the public recognize and accept the world’s growing fresh water shortage, and understand how it may be resolved.


This book was conceived out of a deep concern about the impact of pending global water shortages. Increased demand for water by a rapidly growing world population, decreased water availability due to climate change, and the deteriorating condition of water supply infrastructure are great concerns. In the absence of decisive action water shortages will be the norm in both developed and developing nations.

The author, during a life-long career in water resources engineering, has witnessed the hardships resulting from inadequate water supply throughout the world. Those experiences motivated him to explain this global challenge in a manner understandable to the general public and professionals alike. Dedicated to developing the essential insight necessary to address the challenge, this book presents a thorough analysis of the nature and magnitude of the problem, and its solution.

The author provides practical guidance on how to end the current practice of relentlessly and irreversibly depleting our water resources. He reveals how to reliably and sustainably supply fresh water in the future, in spite of the anticipated impacts of climate change. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in and concerned about the impacts of climate change on future water supplies. The concrete approach to reliably and sustainably supply fresh water to both current and future generations provides clear direction on how to proceed.

As the author explains, this book offers hope to humanity.

“Current water supply policy results in non-sustainable water resource development and does not account for the uncertainties associated with climate change. The non-sustainability of water resource development is characterized by the over-exploitation of groundwater and the global net decline in the volumes of water storage reservoirs,” says Annandale.

Continuing, “This book provides compelling guidance on what should be done to ensure reliable and sustainable supplies of fresh water in perpetuity. Discounting this advice will certainly lead to global disaster though diminished food supply and inadequate availability of fresh water for domestic and industrial use.”

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About the Author:

George Annandale, humanitarian, engineer and author, was born in South Africa, one of the most drought-stricken countries on earth. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Nicolene, his work has entailed extensive travel on every continent except Antarctica. As a principal with an internationally renowned environmental consulting firm dedicated to engineering earth’s development and to preserving its integrity, he has developed wide-ranging solutions in his consultation to governments, private clients, non-governmental organizations, universities, development banks and aid agencies.