New Online Course – Geology Modeling using AutoCAD Civil 3D

Geologic modeling using the AutoCAD Civil3D Extension for HoleBASE SI

The combination of Keynetix HoleBASE SI and their extension for AutoCAD Civil3D provides a powerful tool for combining the workflows for managing geotechnical data and preparing interpreted geological models.  Keynetix has recently announced the creation of an online workshop to provide expert instruction on geological modeling using these two programs.

The workshop will run between April 18 and April 27, 2018.  It will be split into 4 sessions, each lasting 2 hours each and will require a few hours of practice and additional work in between workshop sessions.  The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Important facts you need to know before you can model geology
  • Techniques for preparing and exploring your data before you start
  • How to best set up your AutoCAD Civil 3D environment
  • The most important “dos and don’ts” for modeling geology.
  • How to model faults, channels and inflate lenses and fingers
  • Techniques for modeling encased lenses
  • Best practice for working on linear sites
  • Additional features for 3D modeling using HoleBASE Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • How to model and visualize other types of geotechnical data

More information on the course and a registration link can be found on the Keynetix website.  Keynetix is a sponsor of