GEO5 2021 Software Updates

GEO5 Map Import

The geotechnical software suite, GEO5, has been recently updated with a host of new features. As always, you can download a 30-day demo version without any analysis limitations from Fine Software. Some of the new features include:

  • Stratigraphy – Now able to import geological maps and site investigation data from a variety of sources including imagery from OpenStreetMaps and Google Maps
  • Stratigraphy – Allows defining the points of interest for further exploration.
  • Gravity Wall – Introduction of anchors
  • Sheeting Check – Vertical bearing capacity
  • Slope Stability – Calculation according to DIN 1054
  • Slope Stability – Different soil parameters below GWT
  • Slope Stability – Different soil parameters on the slip surface segment
  • FEM – Animation of results (Earthquake, Consolidation, Transient water flow)
  • All programs – Field test visualization in the output reports
  • Earth Pressures – Increased active earth pressure
  • Anti-Slide Pile – Design of lagging
  • Stratigraphy – XLSX and XML universal export/ import
  • Stratigraphy – New set of templates
  • All programs – Import of blocks from CAD files
  • Field test programs – Import of *.GRU format for CPT tests

Check out more about GEO5! You can check out a video of the new features in Stratigraphy below.

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