2005 La Conchita Landslide
Geologic Hazards

Landslide Insurance Very Rare

There were just a few sentences in this article/blog post about landslide insurance. Most geoprofessionals realize that home-owners insurance does not cover landslides, floods or most other geologic hazards. But what I found interesting in […]

Rockfall on I-70
Geologic Hazards

Rockfall Hazards Overview by Colorado Geologic Survey

Rockfall on I-70The Colorado Geologic Survey has a very comprehensive overview of the geologic hazard of rockfall in all its many forms in their latest issue of RockTalk newsletter. The entire 24-page newsletter is devoted to various aspects of the problem, mitigation options and case studies all with excellent photos. I highly recommend that you check it out. Click through for the link. (Photo by CGS)