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Historic Brewery Restored With Help of Geopolymer

Historic Pearl Brewery in downtown San AntonioTurning a 119 year old brewhouse into a four-star boutique hotel is no easy task. For the project to be a success, the structure had to literally be raised from it’s grave.

Pearl Brewery operated from 1883 until 2001 in their downtown San Antonio, Texas location. It was once the largest brewery in Texas, and even kept afloat during the Prohibition era. Today the 22- acre Pearl site grounds has become a culinary gathering place where you can eat, live, learn, and play on the banks of the San Antonio River.

Renovating the original building would be no easy task for the developer. The building had settled approximately 5 inches.  URETEK ICR successfully used their patented URETEK Method® to lift and stabilize the foundation with geopolymer.

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San Antonio retaining wall failure landslide

Retaining wall failure and landslide in San Antonio Displaces 25 Homeowners

San Antonio retaining wall failure landslideA 20 to 30-ft high retaining wall in a subdivision in San Antonio Texas failed on Sunday causing an evacuation of 80 homes. After an initial inspection, some 55 home-owners were allowed to return.  The massive tension cracks that opened along the wall and behind it were 12-15-ft deep and 6-8-ft wide. Reportedly, the wall had problems even before the subdivision was even constructed. More after the break. (Photo by Jerry Lara – San Antonio Express-News)