New Ralph Peck

Ralph B. Peck - 1912-2008

Ralph B. Peck - 1912-2008[Update 10/29/08 10pm] See below. [/Update] The website is developing a website honoring the memory of Professor Emeritus Ralph B. Peck. As you no doubt read previously on Geoprac or elsewhere, Ralph Peck passed away in February of 2008.  From the announcement regarding the new Ralph Peck memorial website:

To honor a distinguished geotechnical engineer, for his dedication and contributions to the society as a teacher, author, and engineer, we invite his friends, students and colleagues to send us any material relevant for inclusion in this website. Photos, videos, notes, or other material of historical value is more than welcome. Your contribution to this effort is vital and will be acknowledged.

If you haven’t picked up the latest issue of Geo-Strata magazine from the ASCE Geoinstitute yet, there are some great rememberences from old students and colleagues of Professor Peck’s. [Update] One rememberence described a paper written in honor of Professor Peck at the time of the opening of the Peck Library at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. You can read the paper at their website, its titled “Ralph B. Peck, Engineer, Educator, A Man of Judgement“. [/Update]