kcICON Drilled Shafts Completed

kdICON bridge, center pylon

kdICON bridge, center pylon The drilled shaft foundations for the kcICON bridge over the Missouri River have been completed according to Dan Brown and Associates, LLC, the geotechnical engineers on the job. The 1700-ft long bridge conveys the I-29/35 over the River with the central spans being cable-stayed and supported by a single pylon in the river. The foundations for the central pylon consist of 8 10.5-ft diameter shafts socketed into bedrock. The land-based bents are supported on 6.5 to 8-ft diameter shafts and the abutments are on driven piles. Some of the drilled shafts were post-grouted as well. The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2011. Find much more about the project at the DBA website. (Photo by Dan Brown and Associates)